In 1974 Mr. Pedro Rojas father begun a passion for designing clothes as pure love for fashion and as a necessity; cause by that time there was hard to get good pieces on the market, and the ones available were too pricey.

Leather became the first priority”. Pedro father says, it was the most like today exclusive material on a jacket, so leather jackets was what he wanted to do. He started by himself learning the experience first only by hand stitching, and then with different leathers and machines he began creating a unique style based on what he saw that had to be improve.      As a creator he suggests that success is only achievable by real connection with what you do, once again he declares “ compromise by looking for excellence by using the best materials for the best design “ growing is a process; and it comes with time and effort.

2001 - 2022

Years later with a prestige on his back, his son Pedro D. Rojas and Felipe Pimentel join forces and decided to work on the 4th Ps...Product, Promotion, People and Price. This couple blew it away when they open the US market in 2001 on eBay There a lots of P's and D's associated in their names so PDCollection Leatherwear was born as a new alternative for exclusive and unique Leather Jackets and Accessories. A new whole concept of handmade, unique pieces, high quality and life guaranteed is available to the one´s that really have taste for good things in life.



We stay as true as we can to vintage style leather jackets to make sure the look is authentic. The same applies to our movie replicas. We will get as close as we can and constantly update and perfect our leather jackets until it looks like you plucked it straight from the screen. We also offer a mix n match service where you can take our current styles and mix them up to create your own unique style. But, if you want something completely different, we also offer a custom-fit service.


We believe no matter how nice a product a store sells, it means nothing if the service lacks decency, understanding and patience. Feel free to ask us any questions you'd like regarding styles, leather, fit or anything else. It is your money and we want to make buying from us a good experience. Your PDCollection jacket will be the best leather jacket investment you ever make. We are happy to discuss any questions with you before your purchase. 

Thank you to all our customers. You have helped us grow, and enabled us to keep adding new leather jacket styles and pursuing new ideas for the future.


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