A modern Pilot - Bomber Flight ingenieer Leather Jacket

A modern Pilot - Bomber Flight ingenieer Leather Jacket

One of the Icons Leather Jackets refers to the term Pilot Jacket. This "Chaqueta de Aviador en cuero" or Pilot jacket has a long history. In 1920 Leslie Lorey Irvin patented a Jacket called B3, a leather jacket fully lined in shearling to protect from the cold at high altitudes. Years later the B3 becomes to A2 jacket. This style removed shearling designed for pilots who flew at lower altitudes. The style also incorporated ribbing at waist and sleeves. After that many styles has been made in different materials including the popular MA-1 made in nylon. Mostly all version became very popular at the moment enhanced by the terms heroism and patriotism. 

The TOPD Leather Jacket keeps all the tradition of a real pilot, having such an awesome details on it; the sophisticated fit, the vintage distressed and the real shearling collar are part of an iconic modern piece.

The vivid on the zipper gives an extra-ordinary look, so convenient to wear with a pair of jeans and basic shirt.
You can always wear it to go socializing and keep the coolness any place any time., you will receive as many complements as people you meet with.
The best part is that this jacket is good to be wear as many times one day after another and your look would keep refreshed cause it goes to your image just like a super bike., “people never gets tired of seem.”

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